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Hi, I'm Julez

A purist at heart: I love items that are homegrown and scratch made. My wife Meredith refers to me as the "Kitchen Magician". I love making something wonderful and delicious out of seemingly ordinary or even boring ingredients.

I appreciate the process of creation, especially when it comes to food and drink. I don't like to be overstimulated by synthetic and contrived flavors or lackluster processed ingredients. I’m interested in the taste of real fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, roots, and herbs. I love reintroducing these magical ingredients into the kitchen. 

I’m part of a growing movement that encourages the use of ingredients in their purest forms, and hand concocting as much of what we put into our bodies as possible. I’m a farm-to-table, pier-to-plate, locavore, slow food, organic, non-GMO, artisan, curated, craft cocktail kind of girl.

I poured my art and knowledge of maximizing flavor and weaving medicinal ingredients into cocktails; using essential oils to create aromatic elixirs into my book The Essential Mixologist. A simple definition of an elixir is a magical and medicinal potion. Therefore, each of these 22 recipes is, without question, an elixir — with or without the alcohol. I invite you to purchase a copy of my book below.

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